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A New Series of Toronto Paintings.

October 24, 2015

The last year or so I have been painting Toronto Streetcars.   I do think that I will always paint streetcars however I am more interested now in painting bars and cafes of Toronto.  My favorite thing to do is grab a glass of wine or cup of coffee at a bar or a cafe and sit and write about random things I think about or people that I meet.     Before I had my son I was a waitress (yeah yeah… i should be saying server or waiter) at The Park Hyatt Roof Lounge for 7 years.  It was the perfect place for me to work.   I love the whole culture.  The wine or martini glasses, observing people, talking to people, the constant bustle.  The Park Hyatt (formerly, the Park Plaza) had every walk of life come in there.   From  the travelers, the  extremely rich to people pretending to be rich, marriage proposals,  anniversaries, celebrities,  eccentirics, nutcases, regulars, at it’s peak-for the area-the film festival.   I got a lot of flack for being a waitress, it was surprising how much flack really, I have no idea why people would not think it a valued position granted you did the job well.  I would have withered in an office or a school.  Here I was always moving, there were always funny stories and my coworkers became really close friends.   I painted part-time,  but wasn’t a good enough artist at the time to fully commit.  Or maybe I just wasn’t ready to commit to doing one thing.  I think if you are going to be an artist professionally you really have to give it everything and it wasn’t until the last year or so that I decided that that was exactly what I was going to do.     Up until now I have focused on streetcars because I was able to get great photographs while taking care of my son, who also loved to ride them.   However now that he is old enough I can now go out and take photographs in a few bars and cafes.   I would like to do a group of paintings just on the Rooftop because of my connection to it and it’s history.  I have just begun my first painting of a cafe in Toronto which I don’t think I want to sell, I already feel very attached to it.   I do think until I get sick of it, this is my calling.   I am afraid I might not want to sell any of them.   Oh well, either way I am very excited about this new chapter.


April 21, 2015

Beginnings of  the second painting.

Beginnings of the second painting.

Back to canvas for this one.   I haven’t given up entirely on wood however I do think it will take time to figure out how to make a great painting on wood.

My goal for these paintings is to work on blending the paint.  I want to give the effect of softness with these pieces.   The last group I wanted to emphasize more texture and chunkiness with the paint.    Actually, now that I am thinking of it, I think I kind of jump between both styles in my work.     So far my interest is just in painting rainy street-scapes of Toronto just for this particular group.    It looks like I might not be able to have as many pieces as I’d like in the RIverdale Art Walk.  Although I am certainly going to try to have at least 10 new paintngs.   Hopefully by tomorrow I will have the canvas covered.

Transit Through Toronto Art Exhibition March 28th 2015.

March 31, 2015

The painting that I am recreating twice following my recent art exhibition.

The painting that I am recreating twice following my recent art exhibition.

I had my Art Exhibition just on Saturday.  I was very surprised by how well the show had gone.   The gallery opened at 10am and as soon as it opened people came streaming in.  The great thing about painting Toronto is that everyone has their own experiences with different areas and communities in this city.  There was one woman who knew so much about the history of Wychwood Barns, Hillcrest Village, Casa Loma.  The history of the old streetcar lines, it was amazing.   In fact I had learned so much about the history of many areas of Toronto by the people who came to see the paintings, I have a notebook of information I am going to be researching this week just from the people who walked into the gallery.  It’s given me a fresh inspiration for my next group of paintings that I hope to be showing at the Riverdale Art Walk in June.   I am still waiting to see if I have gotten in.

In the next coming months I want to blog about my works in progress and thoughts on my process through the paintings to the finished product.   What I’ve realized over the winter while preparing for the show is that as much as I have come a long way with my skill,  I still have a long way to go in both the technical and the communicative aspect of my work.    My goal over the next few years is to grow creatively and become involved in the Toronto Arts community.   It’s nice to be able to be at home and create.  However, I find I learn the most from engaging with others and I really felt that at the show this weekend.

The Show went so well that I’ve decided to have a show every year at this time at Peter MacKendrick Gallery, Wychwood Barns.   It was a great experience and I would recommend renting this gallery to anyone.  Not only is it a beautiful space with incredible light, the staff was extremely helpful and accomodating. There was such a flurry of activity going on with different events for the community at The Barns this weekend!  I had no idea!  It is really quite an amazing/unique place.  I’ve already booked for the weekend of April 2nd/3rd for 2016.

The painting above is of a street car passing the north of Trinity Bellwoods Park on Dundas heading east.   It was on a warm September evening in 2014 when I was walking with my husband and son home when I took the photo.    This was the one of the first paintings I sold at the show.   I am looking forward to capturing all areas of this city.  Right now  I think I may travel to the east side of the city and try to get some great photos for the next group of paintings.

The next few blogs will all be about my process.  I am going to take photos and talking about the paintings as I work on them.   Very excited for this new phase in my artistic journey!