New Works

Desotos on St.clair, Blood Brothers Brewing on Geary, The Gem on Davenport. These are some of the spots but not necessarily the pics I will be using


I have a feeling that my neighbourhood will be unrecognizable in just a few years from now. I have lived in the Dovercourt Village/Wychwood area for almost 6 years. We moved in when my son was just a baby. I was a full time mom and I’ve spent the first 3 years just walking around with this area with my son. In this time we have found some great local cafes, restaurants and great little spots that I have always wanted to paint.

I have seen many plans for condos to move in all along Dupont and even The Galleria Mall is going to be torn down to make way for a huge development in the next few years. I have already seen big changes to Geary St. that was just an idustrial/warehouse corridor when I moved in and now there are craft breweries, cafes, bars and film companies with more cool stuff being added all the time. Over the next year I want to paint as many of these local spots along Ossington up to St. Clair West. I will be continuing my experimentation with a palette knife. It has a much different effect from using a brush. I am also working on a series of local laneways in my neighbourhood as well. Over the next 6 months I hope to capture my neighbourhood as it is now since I see how much it’s about to change.


Desotos – our favourite family restaurant on St. Clair West/Lauder that we just discovered last year. They hand out crayons and a print out to my son as soon as we arrive, is a beautiful little restaurant with reasonably priced fantastic food!

The Gem- A local dive bar that has been there for decades. Many people have told me their stories about The Gem. It was the first pub my husband went to when he moved to Toronto from Montreal. Yesterday one of the parents from my son’s school told me it was the place he went to on his first date with his wife. It has a very retro divey feel to it and the food and drinks are very reasonable.

Blood Brother’s Brewery on Geary St.- I haven’t tried their beers yet but this little place instantly added a whole new community feel to Geary St and just looking at the picnic tables with people hanging out this fall made me want to paint it.


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