If I don’t have new music my life tends to grind to a halt in basically every way.   Part of my lack of inspiration comes from the inability to find new music that really blows my mind.   I have to actively go out and search for new music since I don’t really have much love for what is on the radio.   I don’t mind the old stuff every once and a while but that represents old experiences.   I equate new music with new feelings, new creations and all that is great in the world if I find it.

I am feeling at a loss lately where to find something new.   At least something that will hold me until my next show.   I have paintings that I have named after songs I was listening to when I was out taking pictures.

I haven’t finished this blog yet but I wanted to write about the role music plays in conjunction with inspiration in my life.

I was listening to a song called “The Brightest Hour” by The Submarines on some random mix and it was the first time I had heard it when I was taking pictures of an alley just south of Davenport between Ossington and Shaw.   So naturally I named it the Title of the song.   I love that when I look at this painting I hear this song in my head.





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