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Upcoming Bar Collection

May 30, 2016

I am so excited to work on my new project.   Over the summer months I will be painting scenes from several bars and lounges from Toronto and various other cocktail lounges.  I want to recreate that feeling of a night out after I’ve ordered a glass of wine, pint or martini with friends and we’re in the city out enjoying the nightlife.  I want to capture the romance of a beautiful bar with all it’s lights, chatter, music, with both the patrons and the staff.

I had worked at the Park Hyatt for years and it was a special place to work. It used to be called the Park Plaza years ago where many famous Canadians would go. When I worked there people always had a story about The Rooftop Lounge.   So naturally this is the first place I went to do my photo shoot.   A group of my friends and I lived a decadent night of sparkling wine and cheese while I took photographs for this new group of paintings.   I wanted to post a photo of that night as an example of what I will be working on soon.

This will be my first painting of the new collection of works.   wordpress