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Painting # 3 – 1st and 2nd layer

May 5, 2015

#3 work in progress

#3 work in progress

Ok,  So back on the wood again.   I figured out a way to make it work with the wood.   I drew directly on the gesso’d wood and then put semi gloss varathane to keep the paint from soaking directly into it.   I suspected it might work and so far it’s been good.   Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be lucky if I am able to complete 10 new paintings for the next show.   Either way now that I have discovered that the varathane works I am excited to work with wood.   Also, I am extremely excited about these next paintings.    They are still a combination of both styles.   I was thinking this collection would just be the rainy impressionistic reflection however I took some more photographs and fell in love with them as well.    I will continue to post each work in progress and then before the show I will post the finished pieces.