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April 21, 2015

Beginnings of  the second painting.

Beginnings of the second painting.

Back to canvas for this one.   I haven’t given up entirely on wood however I do think it will take time to figure out how to make a great painting on wood.

My goal for these paintings is to work on blending the paint.  I want to give the effect of softness with these pieces.   The last group I wanted to emphasize more texture and chunkiness with the paint.    Actually, now that I am thinking of it, I think I kind of jump between both styles in my work.     So far my interest is just in painting rainy street-scapes of Toronto just for this particular group.    It looks like I might not be able to have as many pieces as I’d like in the RIverdale Art Walk.  Although I am certainly going to try to have at least 10 new paintngs.   Hopefully by tomorrow I will have the canvas covered.


1st Layer.

April 20, 2015

Mapping the piece out in paint is typically the first layer of a painting.

Mapping the piece out in paint is typically the first layer of a painting.

I like to have 10 images ready for painting when starting a new group.  I like to do a layer and then move to the next canvas. This is the first layer.   Although I am not entirely sold on the wood surface.   It’s completely different to painting on canvas.  It soaks up the paint immediately.  Usually I know if a painting is going to be successful however on the wood I am not sure.    Over the last few months I have been trying to pull out the brightest colours I can in my paintings.  I have this fear that by the end of next year my paintings will have evolved to using just neon splotches of city scenes.   I will update when the 2nd layer of the painting is completed but for now I am onto the next one.

Side note:  Lately while painting I have been listening to biographies of various painters.  It’s incredible what you can find just on youtube.  I feel like my motivation increases while listening to their stories. There is a great show on youtube called “What Artists Do All Day”.  Well, yeah the title is pretty self explanatory, but one episode with Jack Vettriano (an artist that I love) which particularly made my day.    When I look at my past pieces I remember what I was listening to while I worked on them.   I am thinking that I might write that on the back of each piece.  With some commissions I have done for friends I tend to write current events on the back of the painting.   I might do that with all of them.   That way, years later someone can turn the painting over and know exactly what was going on in the world when the painting was produced.

Stages of a painting.

April 16, 2015

First of the new group of paintings.

First of the new group of paintings.

An old roommate of mine used to lean over my shoulder sometimes when I would paint.   She would scrutinize my work and make annoying comments.    For a while she was banned from my work space because of the comments.   However I loved her reaction to the finished work.   I didn’t like anyone to see my work in progress and I would hide the unfinished pieces if we had company.    In the last 6 months or so I began posting some works in progress on Facebook and I realized how much people love to see the process of how a painting takes form.   Needless to say I got over hiding the paintings.

So this is the first painting in what will hopefully be part of the next 10- 15 paintings I would like to complete for the Riverdale Art Walk which is on the first weekend of June 6th&7th.    I am trying something new- painting on wood.   I must say that it is very different than painting on canvas.   I am not sure how I like it yet .  But the wood definitely seems to be soaking up the paint in comparison to the canvas.

My goal is finish the first layer tomorrow.   I have to say I am very excited about this painting.   If it works out I think I will stick with painting on wood for the rest of this group.

Downtown Toronto in the rain taking photos.

April 10, 2015

A photograph taken from today.  Getting ready for the Riverdale Art Walk.

A photograph taken from today. Getting ready for the Riverdale Art Walk.

Up until this point I have been taking photographs with my iphone.   It is truly unbelievable what I’ve been able to do with a decent camera.   I don’t want to get into the whole thing about the camera in particular but it’s been amazing going around the city with it today.    Another observation- since taking this camera out on the town, it has attracted a whole new set of conversations with people I would otherwise never have talked to.   People want to talk to me about my camera.   Interesting.   Thing is, they all know much more about this camera than I do because up until last week I had no idea of it’s existence.  Either way, it’s a complete treat to have it and I cannot wait to see all the cool things I can do with it.   I took almost 900 pictures in the rain today and was able to get 20 decent images to use for paintings.   I have decided to use them as the focus for the paintings in the Riverdale Art Walk for June 6th and 7th in a couple of months from now.     The next couple of blogs will be about some of the paintings I will be creating over the next few weeks.   I cannot wait!!